Metal garden edging is not only beautiful and functional but also offers the advantage of lasting much longer than plastic landscape edging. This is especially true of the more rugged and durable landscape edgings like aluminum and galvanized steel. Unlike the brittle plastic edgings, these types of landscape edgings are made to stand up to harsh weather and outdoor elements —  and are a great value since its cheaper than plate steel, aluminium, and concrete alternatives making them a great choice for regions that experience a lot of snow, rain, or hot sun.

Is metal edging safe?

In the flowerbed in this picture, the metal edging creates a clear separation between different kinds and colors of landscaping materials. This can add a nice new dimension to your landscape design. Besides the visual appeal of this type of edging, it can be very helpful in keeping the mulch and pebbles from mixing together too quickly.

This kind of landscape edging is a great way to contain weeds, unwanted grass, and other invasive plants. The hard surface of the metal is very effective at keeping these plants from creeping up into your beds or spreading across your lawn and other landscaped areas.

This particular edging is made from hearty Corten steel that will naturally rust over time to create a stunning rustic look. It’s a great option for landscapers who want to create a natural, aged look while adding long-term strength and durability to their landscape. It’s also strong enough to withstand the damage from mowers that may be caused by other edging materials that are more fragile.

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