Singer Instruments and Control

Founded in 1976, Singer Instruments and Control has extensive experience developing miniature electro-mechanical solutions for challenging scientific problems. They develop solutions for space, medical and defence applications.

The company offers a range of solutions that include: Precision Mechanics, Electro-Mechanics and Electromagnetics.

As well as offering a wide range of hardware and software products, the Company also specialises in manufacturing bespoke electro-mechanical solutions to suit specific requirements.

They have a very diverse range of clients from large international companies to small start-ups and the product portfolio covers a number of markets including; Medical Device, Defense and Space and Industrial.

Their work is used in a variety of sectors from the Space Shuttle to implanted in the human body and complementing all types of automated machinery.

The company is based in Israel and is a top-tier engineering company with vast experience in the development of miniature electro-mechanical solutions for demanding problems across a broad range of industries.

These instruments allow scientists to accelerate their research efforts on global challenges like cures for cancer and renewable energy.

They are able to provide their products and services in over 60 countries worldwide and they are currently operating in the United States, Israel, China, India and Saudi Arabia.

In order to ensure that their people are happy and feel comfortable in the workplace, the company utilises a wide range of employee engagement tools. These include:

Regular one-to-one catch ups between staff and their managers are encouraged as they enable people to ask for help and guidance at an early stage if they need it.

These meetings also give the manager the opportunity to catch up with their team members and get a better understanding of how each member of staff is coping with the changes at work.

The company also offer a variety of stress management resources for employees. These include a website that allows staff to track their mental health and access free information on a variety of topics from MIND, a specialist mental health organisation.

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