Tennis Court Contractors

Tennis Court Contractors is a popular sport that requires a good amount of practice to perfect. While there is a lot that coaching and intense practice can do to improve your game, one of the most important factors in upping your tennis game is ensuring that you have a high-quality court to practice on. Whether you are looking to construct a new tennis court or resurface your existing one, there are a number of reliable Tennis Court Contractors to choose from.

Center Court Sports is the leading tennis court construction company in Northern California. Operating as a licensed general contractor, they offer a holistic design/build experience and meticulously select premium materials. Additionally, they are certified as an ASBA (American Sports Builders Association) tennis court builder, demonstrating their commitment to upholding industry standards. Their expertise extends beyond residential spaces, and they also offer resurfacing services for schools and commercial sports facilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Polymeric Rubber Surfaces for Tennis Courts

The company’s portfolio includes projects that span various scales and settings, from backyard courts to collegiate and community tennis facilities. They specialize in both construction and resurfacing, offering a wide range of services including grading, paving, excavation, and more. Their team works to meet all project goals while keeping costs low, which has earned them an excellent reputation in the industry.

Located in Hicksville, NY, Netball Court Specialists provides a full spectrum of services for tennis courts, including construction and resurfacing. Their team uses professional-grade materials, the same kind that are used in the ATP World Tour, to ensure durable, long-lasting surfaces. The company also specializes in crack repair, using either long-term or short-term crack repair systems. They can even apply new acrylic coatings to revitalize old surfaces.

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